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At HV Sistemas we are specialized on electronic product design and manufacturing, with two main business areas:

Radiocommunication equipment and accesories: Our main speciality is data transmission over radio, and from 1998 we are providing products and solutions in this field using private mobile radio and license-free radio. Our equipment is currently used in a wide range of applications, as for example large water supply networks management, fleet management, meteorological and environmental data adquisition or remote alarm and remote control systems. We also manufacture other radiocommunication oriented equipment, as voice scramblers and signalling devices.

Custom product development: Our extensive capabilities and experience in the conception, design, development, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic equipment enables us to provide particular solutions to customers incorporating electronic equipment in its own products, as well as to develop complete equipment for specific applications, or to participate in the integration process of our equipment and software in large engineering projects. In the custom solutions field, we do not only provide the design, but we also have capabilities for prototyping and series manufacturing as well as to offer installation, system commiting and post-sales support services. Our customers range from OEM companies incorporating electronics inside their products to large engineering firms.


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